Indispensable work tool

Geens Bros. plc designs, develops and produces multifunctional machines and accessories for road- and house building, for agriculture and horticulture, as well as industry. The Rollmops is an essential working tool for paving companies. The Knikmops is a multifunctional articulated loader which is suitable for paving companies and landscaping firms as well as residential and industrial construction. 

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An attachment for every job

A definitive advantage in relation to the various Knikmops and Rollmops types is that there is an extensive range.


Bale clamp


Stone gripping clamp


Overhead tipping bucket


Rotary mower


Three-point lifting device


Rotary tiller


Miniatuur KM 130


Rubble-sand bucket combination

What we offer customers

  • Machines built on the principle that 'simplicity is best’
  • Machines with a high lifting capacity when compared to their dead weight
  • Sufficient options to deal with any job
  • A fast and smooth service
  • More than 25 years of experience

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