We ask you to wear a mouth mask when you come to our company. Thanks for understanding.

2 0 2 1: let's go

2020 was an unimaginable year after all.

We look back around this period. That is no different now and 2020 will be one that we will not soon forget. We swam through the past months with great creativity and flexibility. As a company, we have never been so tested.

Yet 2020 also brought beautiful moments. We will also remember this year as the year in which we could rely on the support of our team and the year in which we could rely on a strong network. For this we will remain grateful.

Gebroeders Geens therefore looks ahead with confidence. 2021 is more than ever a number of hope. We hope that everyone has had a safe start to the year and that we can continue this trend throughout the year. We will keep developing and seeking solutions to ease the life of the worker.

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