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Gebroeders Geens mission

Gebroeders Geens, the family business behind the agile Rollmops and the multifunctional Knikmops, has opted for a complete production line in Belgium.

The company with more than 30 years of experience in the production of machinery has a clear vision. One they want to maintain over the next decad:
“Gebroeders Geens wants to relieve heavy labor and make it profitable with reliable articulated loaders and transport machines. By making our machines qualitative and robust, but also light and manoeuvrable.

For this we produce reliable and multifunctional machines. These are easy to operate and maintain. Supplemented with an extensive range of hydraulically driven attachments, they can be used for almost any job.

With this we want to offer the best to farmers, road workers, gardeners, construction companies, arborists, municipal workers and many others. With the Belgian Knikmops and Rollmops their durability and compact work force, you will be relieved of a lot of manual work in difficult locations, in demanding situations. "

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