Geens Bros 30th anniversary - day of demos 8th of February

Geens Bros is the firm that produces the Rollmops and Knikmops and this year they celebrate their 30th birthday. This year will be a year full of festivities, a lot of them are still to be announced. The first of those is the 8th of February 2019. It will be a day of demos in the newly built hall.

The demos will be given with a Geco leveller. The Geco leveller has been in our product range for a long time. It works in combination with a electronically controlled Knikmops. The machine takes over the steering from the driver, therefor the steering is in the machine and not in the leveller. The benefit of this construction is that this can also be used for different attachments, such as a board for egalisation or different attachments who can work in combination with the laser steering.

The new hall where they will demonstrate these items, will be the new storage. The hall will be higher then the former ones, and will be used to centralise the storage within the company. All new developments within the company are to enlarge the production capacity. While the hall is still under construction it is the ideal place to demonstrate the capacity of our attachments such as the Geco leveller and our hydraulic vacuum system. And with the vacuum with gasoline engine we will place concrete plates. 

Everyone welcome at Geens Bros from 10.00h until 19.00h.

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