Hydraulic vacuum system

Edging blocks, tiles and the like have the option of being placed with a vacuum system. This involves a hydraulic vacuum system, driven by the motor of the Knikmops and/or Rollmops. The advantage of this system is that there is no damage as with clamping tools. The stones can also be placed seamlessly because there is no obstruction from clamp arms. A vacuum system is comprised of various components:

  • Vacuum pump (mounted in the back of the Knikmops/Rollmops and driven by the machine’s diesel engine.)
  • Vacuum preparation (see options)
  • Jib and vacuum suction cup(s) with frame (cups available in various sizes depending on the type of paving to be placed)

Pump and suspension frame available for:

  • KM 70: Art.No. 20519238 + Art.No. 20511245
  • KM 80/90/100: Art.No. 20519239 + Art.No. 20519311
  • KM 120/130: Art.No. 20519239 + Art.No. 20519312
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