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Tarp Roof

Cold? bad weather? No problem! This tarp roof is the ideal solution. The construction is very simple, you pull the tarp roof over your Knikmops safety roof and you fasten the tarp roof with the zippers. The deconstruction is just as simple. You can roll up the roof very compactly for storage and use the tarpaulin whenever you need it.

Changeable weather? The sail roof has sides that can be rolled up on two sides, allowing the air to enter the machine. This allows you to go from an open to a closed cabin in no time.

The sail roof for the Knikmops comes in yellow as standard, but is also available in other colors to order.

Available for:

  • KM 80/90/100: art. No. 56300114
  • KM 120/125/130/140: 56300114
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