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Pallet transport carriage

The pallet transport carriage is the ideal attachment for moving large quantities of pallets. You do not need a large or very heavy machine to move a heavy load. Due to the low ground pressure on the wheels, it can be used on both paved terrain and rougher surfaces. It is possible to move 1.8 tons with this tool. The weight is divided over 4 wheels, the two wheels of the pallet transport carriage and the two front wheels of the Knikmops. The pallet transport carriage is equipped with a coupling like a trailer and can then be attached to your machine with a tow bar. Lifting the weight on the pallet forks is then done with the hydraulic steering of your Knikmops or Rollmops.

Art.No. 20529179

Slinging system per type:

  • Slinging system for  KM 50/55/70: Art.No. 20051805
  • Slinging system for  KM 80/85/90/100: Art.No. 20091806
  • Slinging system for  KM 120/125/130/140: Art.No. 20131821
  • Slinging system for KM 180/250: Art. No. 20251103
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