Vacuum with gasoline engine

This vacuum pump, driven by a gasoline engine, can be coupled to the Rollmops and Knikmops. This vacuum pump can also be coupled to other machines, allowing for greater flexibility.

This vacuum pump is used for the placement of edging blocks, tiles and heavier materials which can be moved using suction. The advantage of this system is that there is no damage as with clamping tools. The stones can also be placed seamlessly because there is no obstruction from clamp arms. A vacuum system is comprised of various components:

  • Vacuum pump (mounted in the back of the Knikmops/Rollmops and driven by its own gasoline engine)
  • Jib and vacuum suction cup(s) with frame (cups available in various sizes depending on the type of paving to be placed)

Pump and suspension frame available for:

  • KM 70: 20519238 + 20511245
  • KM 80/90/100: 20519239 + 20519311
  • KM 120/130: 20519239 + 20519312
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